Okay I can’t do this

I give up. I’m gonna just eat regular foods and less and no bread. This is killing me. Wow never felt this bad about myself in my entire life. Given that last year I was 20lbs lighter 


Day 4 

Lunch? Didn’t finish the pepperoni because too they’re too spicy for a quiet floor day in the library.. Also the nuts I know are prob overdoing the protein but I’m all weird right now 

Day 4 

Perfectly counted — calories — didn’t do the G of fat or protein but I imagine they’re okay… 

The simpler I keep things, the easier it is to enjoy the food. 

Day 3

Study snack — because I literally hate studying 

Full fat greek yogurt, stevia, 100% cocoa powders nuts and dried coconut — I’m over today and I know it